Malee Beach

An exclusive villa, townhouse and apartment development on Koh Lanta in Southern Thailand.

Malee Beach

An exclusive villa, townhouse and apartment development on Koh Lanta in Southern Thailand.


Malee Beach is an amazing collection of privately owned homes on the island of Koh Lanta in Southern Thailand.

Situated on Long Beach, one of Thailands most peaceful beaches with a beautiful sunset, the homes provide a fantastic opportunity to simply relax, enjoy the beach and scenery or sample island-life in a fantastic climate. There are 45 villas (all with private pools) and a three-storey building with 24 apartments and rowhouses (Sai Naam). These properties are all privately owned. Many are very close to the beach, others no more than 100m away.
Many families come to Lanta for a short vacation or for a longer stay of 3-4 months, their children go to school and some parents work from Lanta.

Adventure or just a holiday

Malee Beach has everything you need to have a relaxing holiday with all aspects of service to your villa taken care of. We have a high level of management services covering security, communal areas, housekeeping, pool maintenance and gardening. Lanta also offers a lot of different training and fitness opportunities – gym, crossfit, running on the beach, group training, yoga, Muay Thai, tennis and volleyball.

The location

Koh Lanta has two Swedish schools and restaurants from all parts of the world. The island is much calmer than many other areas in Thailand as there are no nightclubs or noisy nightlife. Just miles of great beaches, superb restaurants and bars to sip a sun-downer. There is a regular transport service to and from the Swedish School to Malee Beach.

Easy access

Koh Lanta can be reached easily by regular flights to Krabi via Bangkok or direct charter flights to Krabi. From Krabi it is approximately a two-hour journey by taxi.

Sai Naam

Sai Naam is an apartment house with 19 apartments of different sizes and five rowhouses for long term renting. It also has a huge pool and an area to relax. 

Adjacent to the apartments is a restaurant with both Swedish and Thai cuisine, ice creams and a drinks selection.



Find out more

Prices, contact details and booking can be found here:


It is possible to rent a house or apartment at Malee Beach through rental agencies that have a wide range of properties to suit every need. These can be done for short or long stays.


Our preferred rental agencies

Malee Beach has preferred rental agencies that will help you rent the perfect property.

Jojo Lanta Rental

Lanta Hideaways

Sai Naam

Properties for Sale

If you would like to own a piece of paradise within Malee Beach we are able to offer you a range of properties that are for sale.

We offer a service which allows you to both buy a property here or we are also able to sell your property at a very advantageous commission rate. We have carried out these services for many customers and they have found the process to be very easy to follow working with the Malee Beach sales team to make it as smooth as possible.

Buying a house or apartment on Malee Beach is a good investment, and we have a unique ownership set up to help you with your purchase. Normally all the furniture is included when you buy a house or apartment.

If you are interested in purchasing a property we have several “ambassadors “ who are people who already own houses at Malee Beach and are happy to help answer all the questions you have. If you are not stopping on the island you can easily rent out your house, and the Malee Beach staff will look after your house when your are not here.

When it comes to buying houses we have chosen to co-operate with

Svenska Maklarhuset

Every villa has their own pool which is serviced on a daily basis by our pool team

The security team take care of the villas all day round and ensure that the area is a safe place to relax in

The sunset, seen from the villas, is a magic moment mostly every day

Many flowers make the gardens and the area beautiful and they are maintained by our team of gardeners

Close to the beach you can find some good restaurants serving a wide range of Thai and European menus as well as a range of cocktails, wine and beers

There are a lot of opportunities for a variety of activities on Koh Lanta

Boat trips to a variety of islands for snorkeling, diving and fishing

Excursions where you can see monkeys, elephants and beautiful nature

Cheap wonderful fruits are for sale everywhere

On the east side the nature is very different with mangroves and the small town of Old Town, where you sometimes can see festivals.

More info and important links:

Loh Lanta net ( English link)

Contact us

Malee Beach, formally known as Malee Seaview, is located on Long Beach, which is the second beach from the north on Koh Lanta, 10km from the small town of Saladan. At the entrance there is a reception and the main office for Malee Beach. 


Malee Beach, Sala Dan, Ko Lanta District, Krabi 81150, Thailand


+66 (0) 75 684077


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